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2019 Conference provides 6CPD Credits - in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists

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Please click here to view or download the meeting programme (PDF)


Programme Presentations


The following presentations are available to be viewed or downloaded as PDFs:


Note: Several of the presentations have large file sizes and may take a while to download on slow connections and use up data allowance on a mobile network. The approximate file sizes are indicated.


Molecular Imaging in Prostate Cancer – Current Status and Future Prospects - Andy Scarsbrook.

Click here. (5.5MB)


Biofocussed prostate cancer RadioTherapy (BiRT) - Annette Haworth.
Click here. (1.7MB)


Optimal fractionation in HDR brachytherapy - Gerard Morton.
Click here. (5.7MB)


Minimising and managing morbidity in LDR brachytherapy - Mira Keyes.
Click here. (4.9MB)


Patient contamination in prostate LDR brachytherapy - Sarah Aldridge.
Click here. (3.3MB)


Differences in dosimetry, planning and equieffective doses for prostate brachytherapy - Annette Haworth.
Click here. (1.4MB)


In-vivo dosimetry in clinical practice - Joshua Mason and Victoria Coleman.
Click here. (1.5MB)


Screening for and managing radiation bowel toxicity - John Staffurth.
Click here. (3.1MB)


Management of psycho-sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment - Lorraine Grover.
Click here. (1.1MB)


Debate - Which is best: LDR or HDR boosting when combining with EBRT? - Mira Keyes.

Click here. (5.4MB)