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Please click here to view or download the meeting programme (PDF)


Programme Presentations


The following presentations are available to be viewed or downloaded as PDFs:


LDR or HDR as monotherapy in low risk disease - Amit Bahl. Click here.


An alternative monotherapy – Are protons better? The US experience - Anthony Zietma. Click here.


Androgen Deprivation in Brachytherapy – Adding efficacy or just toxicity - Carl Salembier. Click here.


How best to boost LDR (including an update on Ascende RT) - Robert Laing. Click here.


How Best to boost IMRT - Joe O’Sullivan. Click here.


Will PIVOTAL Boost give us the answers - Azman Ibrahim. Click here.


Use of HDR and permanent seeds in prostate brachytherapy: Current practices and advances - Jose Perez Calatayud. Click here.


Real World Brachytherapy Pivotal_Boost - Lucy Partridge. Click here.


Real World Brachytherapy 4D Prostate Brachytherapy - Our Experience - Carlos Villalón Arias. Click here.


Real World Brachytherapy Survivorship after Prostate Brachytherapy - Sara Hodgkinson. Click here.


Real World Brachytherapy Role of the Specialist Brachytherapy Radiographer - Emma Bourke. Click here.


After the Cure Urology - Alastair Henderson. Click here.


After the Cure Urology breakout - Arian Barnardo. Click here.


Introduction to Salvage consensus - Alastair Henderson. Click here.


What to image, how to do it and when - Meeran Naji. Click here.


Prostatectomy as salvage therapy - Paul Cathcart. Click here.


LDR as salvage brachytherapy - Robert Laing. Click here.


HDR as salvage Brachytherapy - Amit Bahl. Click here.


Medical Journals, do they have a future - Anthony Zietman? Click here.